Build a Brewery in just 5,892,461 Easy Steps! Step 1.

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So you wanna follow your dreams and build a brewery? Red Hart Brewing is here to help! Check out this blog every week to learn the process.

Step 1 

Assemble a Kickass Team.

You will need some impassioned thinkers and some hardworking doers. For us it was really important to have a balanced group of people, with gifts and skills that complement each other. We have teammates who are really spirited and passionate, we have super educated business types, and we have members with experience in the industry. It takes a lot of guts to sell the farm and invest in a brewery, so you will also need to find teammates with some serious gumption.

We all shared common goals – we all wished to sell an exceptional product, create great community, and operate with heart – so we carefully developed a business plan that reflected those ideas. Finally after many late night meetings, heated discussions, laughs and tears, Red Hart Brewing was born.

Actually in retrospect, I think it would have been easier if I simply chose teammates with money.

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